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Russian brides – what to expect?

The appeal Russian girls have for an average man of any nationality is unprecedented. Hot Russian women are synonymous with exotic beauty, exceptional charm, and finesse. Most men would love to date them, marry them, and have them as companions throughout their whole lives. Exactly why Russian women have this phenomenal reputation is somewhat unclear, but the fact remains that they area dream of most men, one they would give almost anything to make true. Let’s explore what makes young women from this country more desirable than any other by shedding light on their personality, their way of thinking and behaving. This will allow you to get a clear picture of what to expect when you encounter or even start to date a woman from Russia.

The exceptional Russian girls’ charm

Of all the attributes Russian women have that men from all over the world value so much, beauty always comes first. Apart from being described in detail by classical Russian novelists, it has also been portrayed in modern-day Hollywood movies. Their beauty is extraordinary, something you can’t see every day. It’s seductive and hypnotizing, rendering men unable to take their eyes off them once they see them. This beauty is so astonishing that it makes a woman stand out among hundreds of other women.

Russian women are proud and self-confident; they look as if they own the world. You’ve probably seen them yourself but were reluctant to approach them for fear of being rejected. They almost certainly seemed way out of your league. In case you gathered up enough courage to talk to one of them and get to know her, you would have found there’s also a gentle and delicate side to them.

So, why is there such a vast number of beautiful women in Russia? A legend has it that the percentage of beautiful women elsewhere in Europe diminished after the 15th-century witch hunt during which they were killed. For some reason, witchcraft was only attributed to good-looking women. This wasn’t the case in Russia though. To the contrary, witches in Russia were thought to be ugly and repulsive. Hence the expression – ugly like a witch. So anyway – this is one possible explanation for the existing large amount of beautiful Russian women. Whether you’re inclined to believe it or not is not all that important – the fact is that exceptionally attractive women are more frequent in Russia than anywhere else.

In addition to being naturally beautiful, Russian women put a lot of time and effort into always looking their best. Spending time in gyms and beauty parlors is something they do on a regular basis, with the aim of staying fit and looking spick and span at all times. Following all the latest fashion trends is another thing to which they pay careful attention. Even when it’s freezing cold outside, you will never see them wrapped up in baggy clothes that look terrible but keep them warm. Being comfortable has become the primary concern for western women, but looking nice and feminine remains the priority for women in Russia.

Not just looks – the personality as well

If you date Russian women, you will soon find out that their character is quite remarkable as well. Russian girls are raised by loving parents who instill sensitivity and kindness in their personality. However, Russian society is still a patriarchal one – a man regarded as the head of the family and a woman seldom tries to compete for this position with him. And why should she? She is quite content with being a real lady while letting her husband take care of business and support the family. That’s probably one of the reasons why western men would love to have Russian women for marriage.

Femininity is definitely something Russian women take great pride in. Having a highly paid job and a career is welcomed but by no means prioritized by them. Being accomplished in life also means becoming a devoted wife and mother and dedicating herself to her family. Ladylike looks and behavior is something they value highly. You will rarely see them dressed in unisex clothes, let alone suits that resemble men’s clothing. They typically wear dresses or skirts and walk on high heels that make them look even taller and more attractive. In today’s trend of sexes becoming more and more alike in all respects, including physical appearance, this is quite refreshing. Most men get drawn to women that look gentle and feminine.

Also, women in western societies tend to appear childish well into their twenties. This is not the case with Russian women. Their maturity significantly exceeds that of their western counterparts. A young Russian woman is perfectly capable of starting a family at a young age. She is practical, rational, and wise in her decisions, doesn’t act on whims and caprices which makes a lot of western men want to buy a Russian bride. This type of personal stability and maturity renders them more desirable than women from any other nation.

In spite of being perfect homemakers, you should not expect them to reduce themselves to cooking you dinner and taking care of your house and kids all day long. Their inquisitive spirits inspire them to explore new things, to better themselves in all aspects. They take an interest in literature and politics but also keep up with the latest movie industry gossip. Russian brides will make you happy as no other woman could, but you must be attentive to their needs and desires as well and never take them for granted. If you are lucky enough to meet single Russian women, bear in mind that they are just as smart and educated as they are beautiful. They make a perfect conversation partner, whose intellect you should never underestimate.

Hot Russian brides are great cooks as well

In contrast with the modern movement towards heating up ready-made frozen dishes from a supermarket or just ordering dinner, Russian women can actually cook. Mothers and grandmothers are eager to teach the younger ones to prepare delicious meals from scratch. The traditional Russian cuisine is passed on from one generation to the next which is something you’ll soon begin to appreciate. No matter if you get in touch with a Russian girl via a dating website or otherwise, you’ll find her cooking delicious. She’ll prove to be a master of making something out of almost nothing or preparing a tasty meal with just a few ingredients found in the house. This is an almost forgotten art at which all of our grandmothers were quite good. However, modern women did not find it necessary to continue this tradition in circumstances in which food is abundant and readily available in semi-cooked forms.

What is so special about Russian brides?

Here are some answers given by single men from all over the world when questioned why they would mail order Russian brides:

  • They are attentive to their husbands, await them eagerly to come home from work and make their evenings pleasurable.
  • They do not strive for independence at any cost – family life is more important to them.
  • They do not try to take over the role of the man in the family. They leave this to their husbands just as they saw their mothers do when they were growing up.
  • They value being wives and mothers and prioritize family over career. This is something they learned from their families of origin.
  • Russian women brides look for strong authoritative men to marry. They never try to compete with them in terms of profession or career.
  • Keeping their homes neat and tidy makes them proud, and being skilled in handicrafts, they create hand-made quilts, cushions, and drapes that make their homes unique and cozy.
  • Rearing children is another thing Russian women do competently. A thought of hiring a babysitter will never even cross their minds. You’ll never hear them complaining about their day spent with children instead of going shopping for a new dress or gossiping with girlfriends.

What makes young women become Russian mail order brides?

A wish to travel and see the world is unlikely to get fulfilled for many Russian girls. Their families’ social status perhaps does not permit a girl to dream of extravagancies and living a high life. When beautiful Russian brides marry a foreigner, apart from getting his attention and devotion, they can make some of their childhood dreams come true. Having the ability to adapt quickly to a new environment and become part of any new community, Russian women can thrive with husbands from any nationality. This doesn’t mean that they forget their origins and the traditions in which they were brought up. Having integrated the best part of the Russian culture in their personalities, they add value to any community they join.

Things Russian women expect from their husbands

  • Not to be afraid to take responsibility for being the man in the house. In the Russian society, decision-making is traditionally up to men who are expected to step up and not hide behind their wives in critical moments.
  • To be a gentleman. Refinement and knowledge of proper etiquette go a long way when communicating with a Russian woman. When trying to win her heart, mind your manners, open doors for her, pull up her chair in restaurants. She will appreciate these small gestures and not find them insulting or undermining her independence as a western woman could.
  • Compliment her on her hair, dress or smile. Contrary to the popular opinion, you can sweet-talk your way into a girl’s heart. So make an effort! A few well-chosen words uttered in just the right moment can make a lasting impression.

If you came in contact with a Russian woman through one of the dating services that provide this type of match-making assistance, the first date would probably make you nervous. Without knowing what to expect, even the most cold-blooded men break a sweat. Here are some tips to get you through the stress of the first date:

  1. Most people tend to talk too much when they’re nervous and not to pay attention to what their counterpart is saying. If you find yourself behaving like this, try to slow down, relax, ask your date a question and then calmly listen to the answer. Pay attention to what the girl you’re with is talking about; show your attentiveness and sensitivity.
    Be respectful of her country of origin. Never patronize her, talk down to her, or disrespect her in any way. Try to be patient when her English skills make her sentences not easy to understand. Surely, you’re even less fluent in Russian.
  2. Find out some general facts about her country and town of origin. It’s quite easy to get this information online, and it will make you seem even more interested and provide you with topics for conversation.
  3. Be romantic! Offer her a flower or a box of chocolates without worrying that you might look cheesy or ridiculous. Small signs of affection are welcome.

How can you get in touch with a Russian bride?

Going to Russia and meeting someone personally is probably more than your busy schedule would allow. Enlisting the help of online dating service is a much better alternative. Sites specialized in connecting you with Russian women online are a good starting point. Take your time to browse through the sites’ database and find a person who appeals to you in most respects. Then contact the site manager who will enable you to get in touch with your perfect woman.

There’s an abundance of match-making websites, on which you can find Russian mail order brides. This only speaks of the desirability of Russian women for men worldwide. Finding your soulmate is not something to be taken lightly or to be done in a hurry. While sitting comfortably on your sofa, you can take your time to search for the right woman, even if you have to look for her halfway around the globe. Even if thousands of miles separate you, we’ll make sure to surmount this obstacle in a manner that’s most convenient for you. So how does this actually work? After you spot a girl that you’d like to meet, simply register as a user on our site and start a conversation with her. Online chatting will allow you to get to know her better, understand her personality and find out if you’re compatible. Even if you’re usually shy around girls you meet in everyday life, online dating takes the edge off and lets you feel more relaxed and reveal your real personality. No need to worry about sounding silly or being ridiculed by a woman you dare to approach when communicating via the internet. Regardless of how uncomfortable or insecure you might feel, it will not get transmitted to the person at the other end. After a while, you will feel more at ease and by the time you actually meet the awkwardness of the first date would already have been left in the past.

Our site connects men with Russian brides online for more than twenty years. The exotic beauty of Russian women coupled with their loving personality and attentiveness to their husbands and family makes them extremely in demand. Men have had their lives changed forever after contracting our services and meeting the love of their lives online. They gladly leave comments on our feedback page describing the happiness they experienced after a Russian bride came into their lives. You could, of course, learn some Russian, buy a plane ticket and try your luck in one of the major Russian cities. On the other hand, if you are not feeling so adventurous, you could leave the dating arrangements to us and let us guide you to your perfect bride. Organizing trips all around the globe with the sole aim of getting you closer to the person you like is something we offer. Unlike most traveling you had done before, this one is stress-free since we take it upon ourselves to arrange everything and make your trip an enjoyable experience.

Truth and myth about Russian women

  1. The most common myth, supported by the way Russian women get portrayed in movies, is that they are desperate women looking to marry just anyone to leave Russia. In fact, Russian women are no more desperate than any other women in search of love and the “knight in shining armor” to sweep them off their feet. Looking for love and affection is universally human. Not finding it for a long time can make a person lonely and miserable. Both men and women suffer when unable to connect with someone on a deeply personal and intimate level.
  2. Another myth is that hot Russian brides will only use you to get a visa or even citizenship in a Western country. Although there’s no guarantee that a marriage with a Russian woman will last forever, this goes for any other marriage as well. The divorce rates for marriages with Russian brides are actually much lower than average. Therefore, you don’t need to feel like you’re nothing more than their ticket out of Russia. It will only make your relationship tenser and might even sound offensive to an honest girl with whom you fell in love.
  3. The myth of actually buying a Russian bride is also far from the truth. Purchasing a human being would qualify as human trafficking, and we assure you that no reputable agency would entertain this possibility. Our site only provides you with an opportunity to meet Russian women, and what happens afterward is entirely up to you and her. As consenting adults, you are free to choose how you wish to pursue your relationship.

When doing any business online, your biggest fear is to get scammed by con artists who specialize in luring people with false promises and eventually take all their money. For this reason it is recommended to deal only with reputable services when trying to meet a Russian girl online. To avoid being cheated by persons creating false profiles on dating sites, we perform a detailed check of all the information given by the women who apply to our agency. We make an appointment to meet each one of them in person to verify their motives are legitimate. Only then do we create a profile for them on our website and get them in touch with eligible bachelors overseas. If this doesn’t convince you of the legitimacy of Russian girls’ motives, you should consider the following facts.

The male-female ratio in Russia and other Eastern European countries favors women, making it almost impossible for each one of them to find a suitable partner locally. There’s also the pressure exerted on young women by their families and the society as a whole to marry young. This puts added burden on these young women’s shoulders of having to find a husband at a young age, or else be ineligible to marry at all. Being raised in a traditional male-controlled society, Russian women are taught to consider their own needs as being less important than those of a man.

Some men take advantage of this situation, treat women without respect and do not appreciate all the effort they invest in making them happy. This is one of the reasons Russian girls feel compelled to look for husbands elsewhere. They join a sort of a “Russian brides club,” a group of young women brought together by a desire to find a reliable person with whom they can spend a happy life together. When this is impossible to achieve in their hometowns they turn to dating services to help them get in touch with international bachelors. If you’re having trouble finding the right woman to share your life with or are unhappy with the disappearance of traditional male and female roles in the society – contact us. Traditional values still exist in Eastern European countries and women brought up to be feminine and ladylike can be easily found through our service.

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