Discover awesome facts about Indian mail order brides

Today we are going to speak about many facts about India and people living there. We hope that this article will bring you closer to the understanding of this diverse and big country and Indian mail order brides (if you happen to search one).

Alluring facts about Indian brides

  1. Every Indian wife is proud of her husband (if there is at least anything good to be proud of). When she comes to your house – of a white man with a nice job, decent salary, and sound job title (which you may come up with so to make it look better for her), this is going to be a top of her dreams. The gratitude in her heart will live for years – and become bigger as you improve in anything.
  2. 16% of the global world’s population lives on land that is only 2.42% of the planet’s area. Not oddly that a lot of women (and men, too) try to escape the dramatically populated area, moving to any other place at all. 
  3. Literature and painting art, despite large illiteracy of population, are very popular in India. You should not be surprised if your future wife from this country tells you that she had read 500 books and had seen 1,000 pictures. She can be a good painter herself – as arts are in the blood of many people in India (although, not many really have a possibility to discover their own painting or writing talent).

Comparing Indian brides to other brides by country

Indian mail order brides have such differences from brides coming from other countries: 

  1. Compared to the ones from the US, they cherish and worship their husbands more, and a husband is definitely the head of a family, his decisions are not negotiable. Pretty much a lot is connected in their lives to a husband.
  2. Compared to wives from the EU, they do not deny that a woman should run a house or apartment, take care of children, do the cleaning, and make cooking. 
  3. Compared to Thai women, best Indian brides are no less exotic but much more often know English at a high level and can much easier socialize in a new country.
  4. Compared to Russians, they do not wish to get to the US just for a visa (after they divorce their husbands).

Facts about Indian mail order brides

  1. Indian men and women act as a community. They may and are differ from other communities but inside of own one, they hold on for each other, as only togetherness can help many rural people to endure through hard times. It equally applies to small and large communities. Being a part of a community means sharing celebrations, food, money, and help like cleaning, cooking, and repairing. So you can expect from your Indian mail order bride those personal traits, which can be characterized by one word: ‘humanity’. 
  2. Being a part of some cast in India may largely affect the way how hot Indian brides do things and generally behave. This is also true for the level of their education, skills, and outlook. For Indian brides online from lower casts, it will be harder to assimilate in your society due to restrictions in her brains. But you will also have to tell her that there is nothing like casts exists in your country, so many more doors and ways of thinking are open. For your wife, this is going to be one of the first points of getting used to in her new home. 
  3. When it comes to marriage, if the belief in casts is strong in your future bride, she believes that marriages are only made amongst the people of the same cast. So you have to seem similar to her caste or be higher than that (which is profitable for a girl) – but it is unlikely that she is going to marry a guy from the lower caste (she can compare your current social position to castes in her country to understand, to which caste you belong in theory). For all your mutual life, for years to come, she will compare the ‘caste’ position of other people around to understand what kind of relations she should have with them. This is something that you will talk over and over until you make her forget about the castes in her new home.

Fun facts about Indian women

  1. India is home to many old cities. One of the oldest on Earth, actually. One of them is Varanasi – 3,000 years at least. Your beautiful Indian woman can be really proud of it – especially if she lived in one of such ancient cities. She is able to tell you and your children many stories about her native city and land, as they are that old and exciting. 
  2. India is home to a lot of post offices – as India is still a not too developed country, it does not have online lettering or a speedy delivery of parcels like DHL or UPS. So, after you take an Indian girl to your home, she may really wonder about the absence of post offices in the city or their too small number.

Facts about Indian traditions

  1. Many Indians are not handy or specialists even in the profession that they do but it is compensated by efforts they apply, insistence, and pointing fingers at someone if nothing good happens. That is what you can expect from your wife from time to time – so a large piece of advice to you: make sure you meet a clever girl on a dating site and check her education and personal background before marrying her.
  2. You can be absolutely sure that your children will be raised in a healthy environment, as smoking or drinking is not encouraged by Indian mothers. Even if an Indian smokes or drinks, she never allows it to her children – no matter what age they are – 13 or 43.
  3. Bear in mind that there will be many celebration evenings in your life – as Indian brides for sale love to celebrate everything, big and small. This is not a bad thing. Surely, celebrations take money but in return, you get a life filled more with fun and invigoration. What is bad about that? “A little party didn’t kill nobody…” – as one of the songs sang.  

Other interesting facts connected to India in terms of cuisine

  • Vegetarian cuisine. India is one of the countries with the largest population being vegetarians. It is often a forced measure – as it is too expensive to purchase meat to a large number of poor people. Also, as some of them are Muslims (who don’t eat pork) and no Indian eats cows, they cut themselves down from the two most obvious sources of meat. In a number of developed countries, meat can actually cost less than fruits or vegetables – especially of poultry (especially when it is not the season for some fruits & vegetables). But this is not the case with India – here meat costs more. So when one of the Indian brides for marriage comes to a wealthier country as someone’s wife, she starts eating more meat than she did before, considering it a delicacy. As for the cuisine that she will cook at home for a family, do not be wondering if it largely consists of veggies and fruits.
  • The hotness of cuisine. In addition to being vegetarians (or sometimes, even raw-eaters), Indian people put a lot of spices to their food. When you try it for the first time, being unprepared for it, you simply feel the fire in your mouth, nothing more (not even the taste of the food itself). So, you shall definitely agree with your Indian mail order bride about the home cooking: it shall not be that spicy. After agreeing to merge the local cuisine with her traditional, you can receive something unique and mainly tasty.

Facts about Indian wives

  • English is not actually a problem in India – by the population, it is the world’s second-largest country, which speaks English. Surely, not every Indian knows it (especially if he or she originates from poorer caste and family). But let’s consider that any dating site for Indians for international marriages is some sort of a social filter – if a person has access to the Internet, has registered on a site with English-language interface, and has a device using which he or she did it, it means that this kind of person is educated enough and may suit you. Unless you aren’t going to India physically to try to find a legal wife there on your own, communication through a dating website will help you cut a large chunk of time, money, and efforts in your endeavor of finding an Indian mail order bride.
  • Surely, Indian women for dating don’t eat the meat of cows – but they do use them to produce milk. Today, India is the world’s biggest manufacturer of milk (with over 155 million tonnes of it made per year, which is roughly 16% of the world’s consumption). So expect your cuisine made by a wife from India to include dairy products and a lot of the stuff that is made of milk. Goat milk may also be the case.
  • Your wife surely is religious. In your house, over time, there will be a separate room or a dedicated corner containing various religious paraphernalia. There is little you can change, so just accept that. Actually, some aspects of her religion, no matter what it is, are for sure must be adopted by white people – like tolerance, love to others, resilience, and acceptance of bad as an inevitable circle of life. Thanks to two religions that will meet in your house, you can largely enrich your life (as well as your mutual children’s life).

Top-rated Indian dating sites

We’ve investigated a lot of websites for dating and have come up with the conclusion that these four are the best:


The reasons for such our consideration are as follows:

  • Tens of thousands of real women are registered on every website on the list
  • There are around 1-2 thousand girls online in any given point in time, which means that you can chat to many of them, not waiting when this or that girl is going to be online
  • High reply rate – about 9 out of 10 chats and letters are replied by ladies. This means that you don’t have to write a ton of them in the void, receiving nothing in return
  • High user rating – about 8 or 9 stars out of 10 – which means that people cherish the effectiveness of those websites, high probability of finding a match thanks to them and, generally, the system of communication that the sites give.

What are the advantages of Indian marriage agencies?

The advantage of an online Indian brides’ agency to find a wife from another country is, most of all, the speed of such a search. All you do is register and fill in your profile to start searching girls matching some of your criteria. Find somebody to your liking and chat with several ladies. Continue conversations with those interested in you who responded. This cuts down a huge chunk of time that you would have spent on meeting somebody in person and also largely broadens your searches because you can find thousands of ladies within seconds, which is impossible in offline searches.

More interesting facts about single Indian girls

  • What you probably didn’t know is that many celebrities that you know for sure have Indian roots. Let’s skip obvious Indian girls – google them yourself. Let’s pay attention to men now. The most favorable is Freddie Mercury but you may also take a closer look at Ben Kingsley who was born as Krishna Pandit Bhanji. Maybe you wanna find more about Indian roots or celebs that you worship? Then google them right now. Also – if any of Indian women tell you during your chatting that she is a relative to some actor or actress – don’t mind this statement, as half of India tells so. This is just a piece of knowledge in order not to let yourself be deceived.
  • This is one of the most peaceful-loving countries, as India has never invaded any other country during nearly its entire history (at least, not in the last 10 thousand years). India might have defended but not invaded. So your future Indian mail order bride could be terrified and surprised about the number of wars that your country currently participates in or leads (as we are writing this article for residents of economically advanced Western countries, which are always at some war state directly or through war blocks). This, however, can be questioned due to situations in Pakistan and Cashmere. 
  • Maybe India is not the richest country with democracy system of governing but it is definitely one of the oldest democracies in the world. And it is still cherished here not nominally but really. So, there should be no problems with the integration of your Indian mail order bride into your society on this side.

What you should know about how to get an Indian wife

Ladies in India are so cut in their rights and are so oppressed by obligations that even the notion of ‘dating’ there is non-existing, as we understand it in the West. Ladies nearly can’t date and that’s why many young women go online to escape from the country with so many silly restrictions. That is the reason they want to find some foreign husband fast – so it is possible that a lady will offer you to marry her in 2-4 weeks as you find each other in the first place.

How much does an Indian mail-order bride cost?

The cost of finding a wife depends on the cost of services of dating websites. You can count at 1-3 thousand dollars to achieve a decent result. But you also will have to pay a dowry to the parents of a girl – as taking her from a family is mainly not possible without it. The size of a dowry will depend on many factors and a girl may cost from several hundred to several hundred thousand dollars. The size of the dowry is negotiable in India and should be lowered by you from the initial request of a girl’s family.

Other exciting facts about Indian women

  • Do not be surprised if many girls from India you are speaking with though the chatting function on a dating site work for Indian Railways Company – as this is the country’s biggest employee, where over a million people work on a constant basis. So, no, they are not clones of one account and do not deceive you by naming the same company that employs them.
  • Also, don’t be freaked out if girls tell you they are programmers – this is not a scam either, as India is currently the world’s biggest exporter of programming code for software and modern women and men consider it logical to study programming to find a decent job. If you want a wife to earn money in the family, too, then a lady-programmer is the best option for you. This also means she is smart. 
  • Ayurveda is 2,500 years old – it is the first school of medicine. So no wonder that many hot Indian women still adhere to its principles. Every woman of India will first try to cure your ailment with herbal Ayurveda remedies before actually sending you to a doctor if her help did not work.

Common myths about Indian women

The common myths are:

  1. They are all swarthy. Yes, while most Indians have dark skin, you can find one with not so dark one if this is something of importance to you.
  2. They all are stupid. While the literacy level amongst women of India is around 40%, the only fact that you are speaking with a girl through a dating site says that a girl you’re speaking to is literal and educated. 
  3. They live in families of 20 people. Actually, the average amount of children per 1 Indian woman is 2.8. So you may consider having 2-3 children in your family to completely satisfy each other’s needs.
  4. They all live in garbage. While there are ‘garbage cities’ in India and people do not pay that much attention to dirt on streets as Westerners do, the biggest part of India is not a dump. 

Additional information about Indian women

  • It is no wonder that men and women after work in India love to chat about everything – as they have a huge diversity of information that they can scoop from newspapers and TV. In addition to thousands of movies released each year in India, there are over 4,700 daily newspapers in 300+ languages produced there, which significantly outruns any other country of the world in diversity and amount.
  • Probably, she will be terrified when discovers that in your country, you eat cows. Cows are sacred animals for Indians (they even have a Bill of Rights for cows, which sounds insane to you). Do not offer her to have a juicy burger made of cow. And – if she is a Muslim, too, it means, she won’t eat pork. What kind of meat, then? Well, try lamb or chicken. Also, nobody forbids fish.

Indian dating online – things you would like to know

Dating in India is in many ways not like dating in Western countries. Basically, young ladies of India cannot date men because of many superstitions and ancient limitations. But as a lot of things from Western culture have already penetrated India and it keeps doing so, young women want to get abroad just to have decent self-realization and the freedom of choice. They are deprived of the most essential choices, which compose life itself, so no wonder that many of them are seeking men outside of India. Even Indians acknowledge that India is the world’s worst country for women in all senses. Women in India may even be killed when they date a man – they should only marry without dating, that’s a freakish rule in this land. And when a girl or woman is murdered right on the street in the name of religion, everyone is okay with that, even cops (cops can actually help to do it – sick!).

How to find a mail order bride for India with high effectiveness

  • Register on one of the mentioned websites
  • fill in your profile as fully as possible
  • make searches of ladies and speak with those to your liking
  • answer people who write you
  • be honest and sincere
  • expect better and stay positive.

Are Indian mail order brides real?

On the sites we’ve mentioned, there are tens of thousands of girls – and even if some part of the profiles is unreal and inactive, there are still tons of those, which are real and wish to meet a man from the West.

Why Indian women become mail order brides?

The most obvious and common reasons are:

  1. The desire to live a better life in a cleaner and richer country of the West
  2. To find a caring and attentive husband, who will give love 
  3. Have and raise children, giving them a much better future than they would receive in her homeland
  4. Escape from oppression, as women in India nearly do not have any rights but have a lot of obligations instead
  5. They hate the level of corruption and poverty in a country.

What is your gain of an Indian wife?

  • Pretty soon, the population of India is going to excel 1.5 billion people (especially given the current birth and death rate (which is 18.7 births and 7.3 deaths at 1,000 people)). No wonder that many sexy Indian women wanna escape the country given that it is already overpopulated. They can give you all their hearts and love in exchange for taking them out of there.
  • Indian parents are an example of love and self-sacrifice for their children. You will admire your Indian wife’s affection and love towards your children. So expect a lot of love to live in your family. And even if children are grown-ups now, parents never leave their worries and pieces of advice that they give all the time.

Eventually, are Indian single ladies good for you? Yes, if you are seeking for cultural and cuisine diversity and wish to find some woman, which would make much more house chores than a regular Western wife would. 


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