Mail order brides: sites to find the one

Just like in a match-making tradition of the past, mail order brides service helps lonely and ready to settle down men find suitable wives. Dating applications and websites are nothing new; people go online and find a partner. But unlike normal dating apps and websites, mail order brides service caters only to people looking to settle down.

The world has become a cyberspace. There are barely any people out there who don’t own a computer and a phone. We text all the time. We can get any information we need in the blink of an eye. We can reach anybody in every part of the world. So, why shouldn’t we date someone who is 10000 miles away from us?

This is the demographic that mail order services cater to – people who want to marry and who aren’t scared of the distance. People don’t have to be lonely just because they were unlucky enough to be born in a particular country. Why should someone settle for the imperfect when your one-and-only soulmate was born in another country?

The main idea behind these websites and services is the eradication of loneliness. Loneliness is the killer of progress and happiness. One cannot be happy if at all times of the day they think about what they are missing – the warmth of a family home. Why should someone deny themselves the comfort of love? This raises a question: if love is such an unstoppable force why is it then the source of such great misery?  One can find many answers to this question, both simple and complicated. But the overview of these answers would be: that they simply haven’t met the right person yet. If, for example, a 30-year-old man has tried to date and get into a loving and committed relationship for the last ten years but was unsuccessful, then he might not be looking in the right direction. He could very well move to a new state or even a country, but these solutions are too drastic. Nobody can be expected to leave their whole life behind, even in search of love. That’s why these services exist.

Who should use the mail order brides service?

Anybody can benefit from a mail order bride service, but the general target audience is men aged 18 to 45. Statistically speaking these men have most likely sought out a partner whom they would want to marry but were unsuccessful due to a variety of reasons. Most common reasons a relationship doesn’t work out are:

  1. Different interests

People are all different, so we all have different goals and interests. It would be impossible for two people to be identically matched in every aspect. During the process of courting or dating, we get to know our future partner. This can take a long time; sometimes the dating process can elongate to months. During that period we go on dates and spend time together. If all turns out well, you can begin a relationship. If it doesn’t, you are hundreds if not thousands of dollars behind and left with a huge emotional scar. These scars don’t heal easily. By using the mail order brides service, you get to skip the pain and financial ruin.

  1. Not enough partner material

Sometimes we happen to live in a place that doesn’t allow us to date. Like a rural village or a town where most of the population consists of older people. In these situations, it’s impossible to find a partner near you. Dating apps also won’t be very useful as there won’t be any people around. An alternative would be to move somewhere more populated, but that would be an intensely drastic measure.

For people like these, who don’t have any young or abled women near them, using the mail order bride service is the only option.

  1. Dating Stigma

Sometimes as unlikely as it might sound, dating is frowned upon or even forbidden in some countries. In these extreme cases, people in question have no option but to rely on services like mail order brides.

  1. Not being able to compromise

Most cases where a relationship doesn’t function or even fails to form are because two parties in question cannot come to a compromise. That can, on occasion, be fine but can lead to some unpleasant consequences in the long run. Like, if you have been dating for a while and you’ve invested a lot of attention and money, it would have been for nothing.

  1. Insincere or untruthful partners

Sometimes we meet people, and they seem like the answer to our prayers only to turn out to be fake. Very often people will enter our lives under false pretenses. That can be the worst experience of all.

What we do to help you find a bride?

Our mission is to scout the Internet and review all the best mail order brides out there and present the reviews to you. We do believe that everyone – absolutely everyone – is entitled to love and that there shouldn’t be any obstacles in the pursuit of love.

We regularly publish posts about peculiarities of family traditions and women in different parts of the world and how they found love and companionship; we hope that you will find inspiration and hope on examples from other people’s love stories.

The world is huge, so there is a big chance that the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with is waiting somewhere out there. We believe that location should never be an obstacle – at least, not the kind of obstacle that can never be overcome. We encourage men and women to seek out love no matter where it might present itself.

The basics of mail order brides websites

The service, mail order brides, has been known around the world for at least twenty or so years. There have been different versions of it, on many devices and even at some point over the phone; the main idea behind it, however, has always stayed the same – get a man and a woman to fall in love and build a family.

If you want ever to use such a system, here are some basic tips and insights into the service that might sway your mind.

  1. Mail order brides are girls and women who are looking for loving husbands from anywhere in the world. These ladies are usually fairly young, 20 to 35, educated and from a pedigree family. The reason they are searching for love online is that they haven’t been able to find it where they live. Many brides come from countries like Russia, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, China, and Japan – just to name a few. They’ve been unsuccessful in finding the perfect guy where they live, so they’ve employed the service of matchmakers to try and find a husband.
  2. You are the groom. As such, you are most likely a man, roughly 20 to 45, who hasn’t been lucky in love. You use the service to find a good girl with the intention of marrying her. You aren’t looking for a quick fling – that’s not what the service is about. If at any time it’s discovered that you are only trying to use the girls as slaves or sex workers, your profile will be terminated, and the officials will be notified of your intentions.
  3. The girls are not sex objects or sex slaves. They are perfectly normal girls who most times come from loving families and have higher education degrees. So, these women should be treated with respect and dignity. Just because you are communicating on a website or an app doesn’t mean that you have any right to abuse them. Always treat your potential brides as if you were meeting them in person.
  4. There will never be an obligation to marry anyone, even if you’ve paid the fee. The websites do not hold any obligation of matrimony over your head. If you find someone and spend time with them, but in the end realize they were not for you, you are in your right to call things off. You are the person that has all the power and is in full control.
  5. If you are positively tuned and have hope in your heart, using these websites might be your best bet on finding the love of your life. At the very least, you will get to chat with some of the prettiest and most intelligent women in the world. Every connection you make brings you closer to finding your one and only.
  6. Think about it: you’ve already suffered a lot. Years and years of unsuccessful relationships and time wasted only to end up right where you started, alone. Probably more lonely than at the very beginning. That is a feeling nobody should have to experience.
  7. In the worst case scenario, this will be a phenomenal experience where you get to meet exciting people from all over the world. You will not have to spend money on planes or take a break from your busy schedule. As a matter of fact, you won’t have to leave your house at all. This is a unique experience that cannot be matched.
  8. You will be enriched intellectually and emotionally. Most of the women on these websites are very educated. Most of them have degrees from prestigious colleges and universities. You will be able to have an amazing conversation. As for enriched emotionally, there is nothing like spilling your pain to someone who will judge you. Think of it as a hotline. You pay a small fee and talk about anything you like with lovely and smart ladies from all over the world. You get to hear their problems and share your problems.
  9. A legal marriage agency has to charge its clients for its services. Many factors are influencing their prices, so there might be a difference between charges. Most fees range between 10 and 50 dollars to make a profile and subscribe to a membership plan. There is also a fee if you and your lady decide to get married. That fee is negotiated with the agency.

Mail order bride services are a fantastic way for lonely and eligible bachelors to find suitable and loving girls who may one day become their wives. Men and women from any country in the world can benefit from this service as it is all-inclusive. The mail order brides service does not distinguish between location, gender, and ethnicity. All that they focus on is your personal happiness, for a small fee.

Our goal as reviewers of content is to provide you with the necessary information in order for you to make a good choice. We never publish posts just for the sake of writing and confusing our readers. Everything we write is a well-researched piece of valuable information, and we take huge pride in knowing that it may help you – even in a small way. By writing these posts, we help you move one step closer to educating yourself. Who knows, maybe we will make a small difference and help someone find the love of their life. That is all we care about.

If you still have doubts, we urge you to contact mail order brides websites yourself. Most professional services have dedicated helplines. A single email might be just what you need to answer all your questions and put your weary heart to rest. Better yet, some companies have a dedicated chat line, so reach out if you have any questions.

Be smart and always walk with love in your heart.

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