Russian Brides: How to Find Happiness Abroad

Beautiful Russian women are a riddle any man in the world wants to read. They are mysteriously attractive – all of them: young girls full of energy to conquer the world and mature ladies with their irresistible charm. The more we think of them, the more we want to welcome a stunning Russian woman into our lives. The increasing number of men in the US and European countries admit that they would love to meet a Russian girl and even to marry her.

But how little we know about them! There are so many rumors and myths. Some people say that Russian girls are timid and like to stay at home all the time. Others claim that they are eager to have a luxurious lifestyle. Below, we are going to reveal all the truth about their mentality and habits. Lots of men want to marry a Russian girl but keep hesitating and searching the answer to the question: “Do Russian women make good wives?” If you have such feelings, you are in dire need of information because your doubts can prevent you from making the most crucial decision in your life. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about Russian wives. You will find out how to meet a Russian lady with the help of various dating services. You will also know how to charm her, and, eventually, how to create a family with the woman of your dreams.

Hot Russian brides and the whole truth about their beauty

That’s true – all men want to marry a Russian woman or at least will not say no to such an opportunity if they have it. Why so? The answer is quite apparent. Because Russian brides look gorgeous! Nobody can ever deny the fact that the first thing that pops up in your head when you think of a Russian woman is her magnificent beauty. One may say that all women in the country can’t all be beautiful. Well, they are, and, more than that, they all look different so you can make sure that you will find your perfect match. But what is the secret of their good looks? Let’s find out!

There are several explanations people offer to the miracle of Russian beauty. The majority of those come from the comparison of Russian and European women. History was not entirely kind to beauties from Europe. A lot of them got slain between the 15th and 17th centuries. Any woman who was more beautiful than she was supposed to be was considered to be a witch. They were compared with aristocracy whose traits were quite deformed because of consanguineous marriages as almost the only option. That is why the European heritage of beauty was reduced a great deal. As for Russian ladies, they were all safe because there were no such prejudices against nice-looking girls in Russia. People there still believe that if witchcraft exists, none of the witches is either young or beautiful.

Also, you have to give hot Russian brides credit for being that attractive. They like to look good and know how to do it. They dress the way that will highlight all the advantages they have. To get rid of any tiny potential disadvantage the majority of them work out twice or even three times a week. If they can’t go to work out at the gym, they do it at home which explains the fact the most popular YouTube channels in Russia are about sports and healthy nutrition. It is not true that Russian women only do all this to charm their future husbands. They may stop caring about themselves only if their husband turns out to be utterly indifferent. But most foreigners marry Russian women to cherish and love them. In case this is your intention, you can be sure that your Russian wife will always look amazing because it is in her nature.

What is so unique about the personal qualities of Russian women?

The temper of Russian women is another reason to crave for this marriage to happen. You will see that Russian women for marriage are one of the best options you may find worldwide. Their values are a little bit different than those of women from Europe and the US. We can’t state whether it is better to be a business lady or a housewife with a lot of kids. But Russian women have an incredible ability either to be truly happy with their choice of a single role or to combine several roles brilliantly. All the popular time-management systems and tricks are inherited by beautiful Russian brides from their mothers and grandmothers. They can work a lot and become successful. But family and home are always their number one priority.

Russian girls are very tender. They are in absolute peace with their feminine nature, and they never feel intimidated with a prospect to become a wife of a strong man. The desire to have kids is very natural for them, too. They also like to show these feminine traits in the way they look and behave. For this reason, any Russian woman is very appealing to a man who values tenderness and kindness in character.

Did you know that it is equally common to date both young and mature Russian brides online? This is also because of the peculiarities of a Russian soul. Young girls are utterly responsible for everything they do. It almost never happens that a woman doesn’t have a job after high school, college, or university (depending on what education they decide to pursue) or even during their studies. As for those with enough experience, they know exactly how not to turn into an average forty-something woman. They don’t understand women who can’t manage to stay attractive after a certain age. And they don’t just try to look young but also to keep their social lives on track.

Another reason why Russian women are desirable at any age is the diversity of their interests. They don’t put labels on themselves and don’t allow others to do that. A lot of women in Russia want to have a career, and it doesn’t mean to them that they have to postpone their plans to have a family. They always find the right balance in their lives because of their lightheartedness and wisdom. It is necessary to mention that Russian women are very creative. It doesn’t only result in the fact that they are keen on crafts, but also in their capacity to combine things that seemingly can’t be combined. They can raise kids without any help and have a job and a husband, too. They don’t regard cooking, ironing, and cleaning for their man as their 100% responsibility. But, unlike women in many other countries, even the most independent and well-educated women in Russia still find a lot of joy in it.

They firmly believe that a happy family can only happen in a sweet home. A woman is always the heart of it no matter how well-paid her job is. Following these principles makes Russian mail order wives the most desirable for foreigners who want such a dream home.

Extraordinary cooking skills of Russian Beauties

So, don’t be surprised when a man married to a Russian woman tells you how clean and shiny his house is. What one cannot begin to convey with words is how well Russian women cook. If you date Russian women and invite them to dinner, you can at least try to change your mind. But once your Russian bride cooks for you, there is no turning back – you are going to be one of the happiest husbands in the world.

We will not lie to you and say that Russian women don’t like to eat out. They do, indeed. But they have their idea of a fancy dinner and a family dinner. And if the first has a tag ‘occasional,’ the latter has a tag ‘daily.’ It is interesting that only these tags make both dinners enjoyable. They don’t want restaurants to turn into a routine (in Russia the very word ‘routine’ has a negative connotation), and they keep practicing their cooking skills every day to make every meal delicious.

However, practice is not the only secret of the taste. First of all, a couple of decades ago, when people already had pizza and sushi in NYC and London, take-out food in Russia was of astoundingly inferior quality. So, women deemed it their duty to ‘feed’ their husbands and kids. They taught their daughters to do the same, and cooking has become a way of protecting the family. Plus, traditional recipes contribute a lot to the mastery of Russian women. If you think that everyone can find a recipe online and cook something comparable to what a Russian woman cooks, you need to stop fooling yourself. Every bride from Russia has a chestful of secrets that are inherited generation after generation. A small detail you will never find out will turn groceries from the store into a real masterpiece. Now, imagine that you can be the one for whom it is created. Isn’t it what you have been dreaming about?

What Family Means for Russian Women

A lot of people mistakenly think that searching for a husband and having babies is the goal of Russian women. This is wrong because this is not a goal. This is a part of their identity. The family is the essence of life for them, so it’s unfair to regard it as a simple goal, like finding a job or going on vacation. It is also a myth that a Russian woman’s only life objective is to have a family. If you visit a website of any dating agency, you will see that the majority of brides are at least students, or even highly qualified specialists. But it is true that a happily married woman can achieve her goals easily and with less stress. A family is in no way an obstacle to work and to get an education for them. It is another motivation because they want to make their husband proud and set a good example for their children.

Russian women look for a man who is ready to be a ‘head’ of the family. In Russia, like in the whole contemporary world, all responsibilities are divided in two. But a woman still wants a man to be in charge so that he could protect the family. This desire is subconscious and rarely depends on a real-life situation, so you can be sure that no one will demand you to do anything hazardous. The most extraordinary thing is that Russian women know how to inspire their men to feel like a real warrior.

They say that Russian women never hire nannies, but it is not quite so. It is a final resort when a woman has to work. They also think it is appropriate to ask someone (usually a relative) to babysit when they want to spend some time with their husband. Otherwise, they prefer to be with children because they know how important it is.

Reasons to become a mail order bride

One of the most prominent qualities of Russian girls is that they know that they deserve happiness, love, and a loving family. They can’t always have it at home. First of all, a lot of women meet their husbands at work. But what if there are no decent single men there? It is clear that a woman would not want to limit the chances. That is why there are so many Russian women online searching for their Mr. Right. Some of them look for a Russian man, but many would like to find their destiny overseas.

There plenty of reasons why many girls prefer foreigners – from deep psychological to social. But one way or another, what they truly need is affection that men from other countries feel towards hot Russian women. It is imperative for a woman to be praised. And this can’t always be found in their environment.

What kind of husband Russian mail order brides need

There is probably no ideal husband for all Russian mail order brides. No wonder – every woman is unique, and every couple is built on different matches. However, there are some traits that all Russian women value in a potential Prince Charming:

  • He should be reliable and ready to help when needed: Russian women like to do everything on their own – looking after kids, cooking, cleaning, working, etc. – without maids, nannies, and grannies. But as you probably understand, this is not always possible to cope with such pressure. So, being supportive is one of the must-have qualities of their ideal husband. And if you offer help from time to time, you are a catch for any Russian girl!
  • He should know who he is: Russian women feel responsible like grown-ups quite early. That is why they get quite disappointed in men with no idea what to do with their lives. On the other hand, if their husband strives to achieve something but has not done it yet, they can be very supportive.
  • He shouldn’t be rude: Actually, some men make a significant mistake when they try to impress their bride. Being deluded with their own idea of a ‘strong’ man, they start behaving in an arrogant and even aggressive way. There is no mail order bride in the world who will fall for that. And Russian women brides are no exception. Most women are not happy with such ‘grooms.’ Besides, Russian girls want to start a family in which kids can be happy. So, aggression is the last thing they want.
  • He is very attentive to her desires: There is no need to buy a Russian bride with tons of presents. They do like to get presents that mean something. So, listen to everything she says. Besides, listening to your beautiful Russian wife will be helpful in many other situations, as they appreciate when the husband is interested in their lives.

How to make the best first date impressions

Any dating website has an ultimate goal – they want to create as many happy couples as possible. You can flirt on the website for quite long, but it is only the real meeting that will show whether you and your bride are made for each other. So, the first real-life date is essential for your future happiness. The tips below will help you both attract mail order Russian brides online and be irresistible during the first meeting.

  1. Start with a compliment. As we have said above, Russian women care a lot about their look, so they like to be praised for the results of their effort.
  2. Make the first impression. People in the US and European countries say that one shouldn’t ‘judge a book by the cover.’ Russians, on the other hand, have a saying meaning that people care about your outfit when they first meet you but judge mainly by your intelligence. But still, this is the first meeting. So, try to look good.
  3. Make romantic gestures. Russian beauties would like to see what a man you are. Will you make their life more enjoyable? Will you inspire them to continue the relationship? Big and small romantic gestures will show them that you are the one for them.
  4. Don’t treat them superficially. Women don’t like that. Beautiful women hate that. Beautiful and smart women despise that. If you want to conquer the heart of a Russian beauty, pay attention to her thoughts and ideas, alongside with her looks.

Websites that will help you find your Russian bride

Now, when you know everything about the advantages of being married to a Russian woman, the only problem is to find her. Of course, a lot of international couples first meet in real life. But you never know where your destiny is going to find you. Maybe, your Russian beauty will visit your town, maybe not. You can go to Russia, but there is no certainty that you will find her in the millions of faces. It can take years. So, isn’t it much easier to use modern technology and choose one of the lovely single Russian women who is waiting for you? Marriage services are the best option for this!

How can marriage services help you

  • First and foremost, they allow you to contact single women who are searching for love and marriage. Usually, profiles contain all the necessary information for you to make the best choice.
  • When most newcomers to dating sites start writing to women from Russia, they get surprised at the English efficiency they demonstrate in their messages. Everyone knows that Russia is not one of the countries where English is spoken fluently by most of the population. But don’t you worry, this is not a scam. Most dating agencies hire translators to make your communication with your future wife easier.
  • Once, you already know that this girl might be the one for you, you have to see her! Otherwise, how will you look into her eyes and ask her the most important question ever? Luckily, agencies also provide you with any help you need to meet your bride in reality.

How to choose the best website

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